Electronic Security Systems

USS, or Unified Security Systems provides advanced Electronic Security Solutions to organizations. From audit, planning, implementation and execution, USS offers end-to-end solutions for preventive systems and high-end security equipment. Our range of operations, product quality, and service excellence stems from the unwavering support of our global vendor and delivery partners.

With USS, businesses can stay aware of all potential threats, and be suitably prepared to tackle them.

USS offers an extensive range of products designed for robust security. These include:

Integrated Surveillance

Entrance Control Systems
(both for People and Vehicles)

Perimeter Security

Access Control

Alarm Systems

Workplace safety solutions offered by USS also include a variety of sensors to detect everything from intrusions and unauthorized movement, to calamities like fire and flood. To ensure security of locations that experience high footfall, we offer a variety of scanners designed for vehicles, people, and luggage, that can detect explosives, metal, drugs, contraband, etc. We also help you secure precious items with our safe rooms and safety deposit lockers.

All components can be integrated to create a safe eco-system that can be easily monitored and controlled. In addition to equipping your premises, USS also provides quality after-sales service. This covers maintenance, customer support, training, and on-site troubleshooting.

Most security solutions can be customized to suit your specific needs. Whether it is a security requirement for residential areas, securing of retail or educational spaces, or high-end military grade needs, we provide the apt solutions.