Q-Sys is an Electronic Queue Management System that allows you to track, monitor, regulate and control visitor movements within your facility. Ideal for banks, hospitals, embassies, government offices, ticket counters, or any place where visitors queue up, Q-Sys provides and enriching experience to your patrons.

Q-Sys is a set of simple hardware and software components that include a Touchscreen Kiosk, Status Display Unit, Counter Display Unit, Call Pad, and a Feedback Terminal. Together, these create an effective system that guides customers through the desired process and allows them to navigate through the location independently, for efficient functioning. Using Q-Sys, you can also identify bottlenecks in your existing queue management process and rectify them for a more efficient way of managing clients.

With an effective queue management system in place, your visitors will no longer have to spend hours waiting for their turn to be serviced. Q-Sys is designed to provide real-time information regarding their position in the queue, and approximate wait time. The system also has entertainment/ OOH Advertising capabilities. This increases their overall experience and satisfaction levels. You can also give your customers an opportunity to provide feedback. This improves the efficiency of your employees while allowing you to pinpoint cases of exceptional performance, both at an individual and branch level.

Easy to install and operate, Q-Sys also allows you to streamline operations. It reduces the need to station additional personnel for guiding customers through the queue. You can also make use of the system to determine the exact footfall, and percentage of customers you are able to serve, average wait time, etc. This is because Q-Sys features a Central Reporting Software or MIS that provides real-time information and reporting. This helps the top management monitor the customer flow (in each, branch) and improve customer service. Q-Sys Central Reporting Software operates on a server machine that connects all branches and retrieves real-time data. You can view data through any PC connected on LAN to the Central Server.