Time & Attendance System

Tidance is a new-age Time & Attendance System. It consists of hardware and proprietary software that allows organizations to manage their employees efficiently. You can create a database comprising of individual profiles to carry out all human resource related processes with ease.

Tidance enables you to monitor staff attendance levels along with individual clock-in and clock-out timings. It can be used as a metric to determine performance and dedication levels amongst your personnel. The system allows you to manage leaves, both general, and for individual employees. By keeping track of planned leaves, you will be able to manage your resources better.

By using Tidance to generate detailed HR and compliance reports, you can gain an in-depth understanding on how your organization functions. This will enable you to trim down inefficiencies, and reward exceptional performances, leading to an improved work environment. You can also manage payrolls and automate pay slip generation for greater accuracy.

It offers an easy-to-operate interface that can be integrated with your existing software. You can customize it to fit your establishment’s requirements. It provides a more reliable method of managing resources as compared to traditional register-based systems. This cuts down on the need for additional resources to enter and maintain physical employee records.

With Tidance, you can monitor your workforce’s performance and redress any personnel-related issue easily. It lets your company achieve its highest potential.