Visitor Management System

SecuViz is the future of Visitor Management System. It is designed to offer end-to-end visitor data and appointment management. The system provides automated solutions to streamline visitor movements within your premises. Companies using this solution can manage visitors efficiently, while improving the security of the premises.

SecuViz is a power-packed, feature-rich platform with a simple and user-friendly interface. It has been thoughtfully designed and developed for the East African market, and recognizes the various local ID cards. For e.g., it has been configured to optically recognize popular ID cards like the Kenyan National Identity Card.

The key components of SecuViz include encoders, card and barcode readers, entrance control systems, and location tracking facilities. These ensure smooth flow of visitors through your premises, with minimal manual intervention.

Using an automated system for visitor management, you can schedule and manage appointments in a hassle-free manner. Visitors who arrive on the premises will be provided access or barcode passes without having to wait, or make manual entries in a register. All that is required is a valid photo ID and a mobile phone. Data of visitors can be stored and easily retrieved to create passes during the next visit. This also enhances the visitor’s experience.

Additionally, you can monitor visitor movements through the site, allow limited access, and track time taken. SecuViz also offers multiple reports that let you keep track of the footfall and visitor trends. Using these, you can identify areas that require improvement, to enhance the functioning of your establishment.

The process can be customized as per your company's needs, where all components are configured to desired languages and connected over a secure network. Employees are also trained to operate the devices. SecuViz also provides maintenance and service support to ensure smooth functioning of all systems.