RIANA Group is an integrated solutions provider that began operations in 2014. Founded by Nadir Makhani, Azim Makhani and Ranaf Makhani, the group was established with an aim to bring the best of global technologies and business practices into Kenya.

RIANA Group’s is committed to developing a wide range of technological solutions that will benefit a variety of businesses and establishments, and allow them to reach their true potential. The group believes in a highly personalized approach, wherein the needs of individual clients are understood, and they are offered customized solutions.

Since establishment in 2014, the RIANA Group (earlier ‘Reliance Solutions’) has grown from strength-to-strength. After establishing a footprint in various businesses, Q-Sys Ltd. Was established in August 2016, followed by SecuViz in November 2016.

In January 2017, Reliance Solutions was renamed to USS (Unified Security Solutions) and March 2017 saw the addition of Tidance to the group.


RIANA Group’s principle is Kaizen (continuous improvement). We are continuously on the lookout for newer areas of interest to enhance our offerings. We aim to provide the best solutions, professional services, and 360˚ Support, at affordable prices. Our aim is to maintain long-term partnerships with all stakeholders, on the basis of mutual trust.


RIANA Group endeavors to be one of the most trusted names in Kenya, and across the globe. We shall continue to provide exemplary technology-based solutions to businesses across domains, to simplify business processes and strengthen security. In the next five years, we wish to cement our position as a leading conglomerate that provides innovative solutions.


At RIANA Group, adherence to the topmost level of quality is a priority. We have unwavering focus on quality and strive to achieve global standards in Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment standards across all our facilities, and ensure compliance from all stakeholders.